Mid-Century Modern End Table

  • Perfect as bedside nightstand.
  • Or living room side table.
  • White round tabletop & 3 bamboo legs.

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Eco friendly.

The STNDRD. 3 legged bamboo side table is an environmentally friendly piece of furniture. Bamboo is one of the many renewable resources in the planet. It takes only 5 years to regrow a bamboo tree compared to other types of hardwood.

Rustic furniture.

This 3 legged bamboo furniture is a versatile piece. It is built from bamboo wood strong enough to hold some indoor plants. The 3 light colored bamboo legs is manufactured without using any method to alter its natural rustic look.

Provides competitive pricing on furnitures.

Our bamboo table top furniture comes at a competitive price compared to other wood furniture sets. Bamboo is a low cost raw material so it owns a big price advantage over other kinds of furniture sets.

Ready to assemble furniture.

Our STNDRD. 3 legged bamboo side table comes in a flat package box containing 1 round table top in white color and 3 bamboo legs. The assembly instructions are very easy to follow and no need for any special tools to use.

100% money back guarantee.

We are so confident with our product that we will give you a no-questions asked money back guarantee. So hit that "Add to Cart" button now get this versatile bamboo end table for that refreshing rustic furniture design.

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“Not only does it look great, it is very easy to put together! Trust me I am not handy at all. I would recommend to anyone looking for stylish table at a great price.“

25 January 2017

Simple & versatile!

I received this table last night and I'm so happy with the purchase, I decided to review it right away. Some of the things I liked about the table are that it was easy to put together, once assembled the legs didn't wobble, and the table itself was a lot larger than I anticipated! (I didn't measure prior to buying). It didn't come with any damages, and the material on the top seems very durable (probably wont scuff easily). My boyfriend thought it was from Ikea, but this tables quality is so much better than Ikea's quality, plus you don't have to leave your couch!
It's a very versatile table. I imagine you could use it as a bedside table, accent table in the living room, a plant stand, and so many more things! I recommend buying this! I might even purchase another one soon :)
(i attach my pictures soon!)

25 January 2017

Gorgeous accent table!

A gorgeous table. Great quality! I'm an interior designer (Madi Design) and I used this table in one of my projects. Very happy with it.

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24 January 2017

Four Stars

Love this simple table. Perfect size & easy assembly.

17 January 2017

Awesome Table

It was very easy to put the table together. It is a lot sturdier, and has a bigger surface to hold things than I imagined it would be. I originally got it for the bedroom, but decided to use it in the living room instead. It's an excellent purchase!

22.6 x 21.7 x 4.7in 57.5 x 55 x 12cm
10lbs 4.6kg